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Demi Lovato Net Worth
Net Worth: $15millionSource of Wealth: Television, Film, MusicDemi Lovato DOB; August 20, 1992Demi Lovato Birth Place: Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S. // American singer-songwriter, musician, and actress, Demetria Devonne, Demi Lovato has an estimated net worth of $15 million. Demi began making a name for herself after starring  in the 2008 Disney Channel movie Camp Rock alongside the Jonas Brothers. Demi started out as a child actress, starring as a cast regular on Barney and Friends before finding her way onto…
Robyn Rihanna Net Worth
Net Worth: $60MillionSource of Wealth: Music, Television, FilmRihanna DOB; February 20, 1988Rihanna Birth Place: Saint Michael, Barbados // Artist and actress, Robyn Rihanna Fenty has an estimated net worth of $60million. Her life changed forever when one of her friends introduced her to Evan Rodgers, a producer from New York who was in Barbados for vacation with his wife, who is a native. Rodgers arranged for her to go to New York to meet JayZ, CEO of Def Jam Records.…
Katt Williams Net Worth
Net Worth: $10Million Katt Williams DOB: September 2, 1973Katt Williams Birth Place: Cincinnati, Ohio, US // Katt Williams is an American comedian, rapper and actor who has a net worth of $10 million. A stand-up comedian and actor, Katt Williams began his career in his hometown, using the comedian's entrance to get into clubs while underage. He is most widely recognized for his work on the improv show "Wild 'n Out", and for his performances in such films as "Norbit"…
Kevin Hart Net Worth
Net Worth: $9Million Source of wealth: Comedy, FilmKevin Hart DOB; July 6, 1979Kevin Hart Birth Place: North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States // Kevin Hart was born in Pennsylvania and has an estimated net worth of $9 million dollars. An actor and comedian, Kevin Hart left his job as a shoe salesman to pursue in a career in stand-up comedy, appearing on Comedy Central in such specials as "I'm a Grown Little Man" and "Seriously Funny". He is most widely recognized…
Bill Cosby Net Worth
Net Worth: $350 MillionBill Cosby DOB: July 12, 1937Bill Cosby Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S // American musician, activist, author, actor, comedian, education and television producer Bill Cosby has an estimated net worth of $350 million in 2013. Some of  Cosby’s most notable works include The Bill Cosby Show, I Spy, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Cosby, The Cosby Show, The Cosby Mysteries, and The Electric Company. From 1966 through 1968, Cosby received an Outstanding Continued Performance by an…
Cedric The Entertainer Net Worth
Net Worth: $15million // Source of wealth: Comedy, Acting, writingCedric DOB: April 24, 1964Cedric Birth Place: Jefferson City, Missouri U.S. Cedric the Entertainer has an estimated net worth of $15 million as of  2012. Cedric is a comedian, actor and director who has made his wealth from television/film comedy as well as screenwriting. Cedric the Entertainer earned his net worth through his many stand up comedy routines, his acting career in films and television, as well as his performance as…
Bill Clinton Net Worth
Net Worth: $80million Source of Wealth: PoliticianBill Clinton DOB: August 19, 1946Bill Clinton Birth Place: Hope, Arkansas, // The 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001, with an estimated net worth of $80 million.Bill Clinton give speeches around the world, often for over $100,000 a speech. Unlike many presidents, Bill Clinton did not come from a wealthy family, nor did he have lucrative employment before his presidency. But since leaving office we estimate that Clinton has earned…
Prince Albert of Monaco Net Worth
Net worth: $1billion // Source of Wealth: Real estate, Arts, Casino, InheritancePrince Albert II DOB: March 14, 1958Prince Albert Birth Place: Prince's Palace of Monaco Head of the House of Grimaldi and the ruler of the Principality of Monaco, Prince Albert II has an estimated net worth of $1 billion according to Forbes Magazine. His Highness is the son of Prince Rainier III, Louis Henri-Maxence-Bertrand (31 May 1923-6 April 2005) and of American actress Grace Kelly. In April 2005, H.S.H.…
Kate Middleton Net Worth
Net worth; $1millionKate Middleton DOB: 9 January 1982Kate Middleton Birth Place:Reading, Berkshire, England // Kate Middleton known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2012. Kate is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and a member of the British Royal Family. She studied at Marlborough College and graduated from the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland with a Master degree in Art History. Kate Middleton and Prince William met…
Liliane Bettencourt Net Worth
Net Worth: $30Billion Source of Wealth: Cosmetics (L'Oreal)Liliane Bettencourt DOB: 22 October 1922Liliane Bettencourt Birth Place: Paris France // French heiress, socialite, businesswoman and philanthropist, Liliane Bettencourt has a net worth of $30billion as of 2013, according to Forbes Rich List. Forbes ranks Bettencourt at 9th in its list of the world's wealthiest persons and is the richest woman in the world. In 2005, Forbes judged  her to be the 39th most powerful woman in the world. Thr only child…
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